The principle behind VUDO is made possible by using software products and infrastructure that are designed specifically for the modern IT environment


The products that make up the VUDO service focus on several key areas of data management that IT departments all have to deal with. These areas have grown in importance in recent years because of how integral IT has become to businesses. 

Due to the reliance of businesses on their IT networks, it is important to make sure that disaster recovery can happen in the quickest way possible. The more quickly you recover, the less impact an outage will have on your business! 

Fantastic Cloud Services work with their customers to find a solution that works best for them, helping them to prioritise the components of their IT network and put together a plan that will help them recover from any outage, as well as setup their IT network in a way that allows them to scale up or down in the future. 

By prioritising a customer’s data and infrastructure Fantastic Cloud Services can ensure that customers get real value from our services. 

Below are some of the products that we use.

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