Email is the lifeblood of your business communications, without it your colleagues would be lost and the phone bill would rocket! Email is also one of the major routes for malware and phishing attempts so isn’t it time you had Real protection for it?

Advanced Email Filtering

Many attackers use highly sophisticated emails that are too well disguised for traditional spam filters to identify. These emails, and more importantly their harmful content, are able to infiltrate a user's inbox where they can be opened and potentially released on to the network.

FCS' email security service treats every email as potentially harmful, and subjects all traffic to in depth security scanning. Emails are scanned to identify potentially harmful links and attachments, regardless of who the sender is and the nature of the email. This ensures that all emails accessed by users are secure and verified.

Front Line Defence

Anti-virus products are fairly reliable at treating an attack that has made it onto your network, but they aren't capable of preventing that attack from reaching you in the first place. This leaves a vulnerability in your defences, not just to invasive attacks (like viruses or malware), but also to the types of non-invasive, such as spear-phishing attacks.

Fantastic Cloud Services' Email Security service acts as a barrier, sitting in front of your email server or cloud-based account, filtering and scanning emails before they hit your inbox. Any threat, whether it be a malicious attachment containing malware or ransomware, or an embedded link to a credential stealing website, is scanned in order to identify it. If the email is found to be harmful in anyway, it is flagged up and the user notified.

Multiple Threat Protection

The sheer volume and variety of threats transported via email makes protecting your business difficult, especially when the threats keep evolving. Businesses can be the target of malware attacks, designed to steal sensitive information, ransomware attacks, designed to hold information to ransom, or more sophisticated attacks, such as spear-phishing or social engineering attacks, where attackers research their victims before sending highly personal emails.

The result of these attacks depends on their nature, but almost always they result in an attempt to steal or compromise sensitive information for financial gain. 

Fantastic Cloud Services' Email Security deals with these threats by adopting a zero trust model. By assuming that all email traffic, regardless of where it originates from is potentially harmful, the service makes sure that all emails are scanned for threats before releasing them to their recipient. This scanning process happens in real time so that users do not experience delays when receiving emails, but administrators can be confident that their users are not about to open the next version of cryptolocker or some other type of threat.

User Self-Service

With access to a web-based portal, or by uing their native email client, users can self-administer their spam filter without the need to ask IT support for help. This allows helpdesk staff to focus on more complex issues which take longer to fix or that have a higher priority.

In turn users are kept happy because they can service themselves without having to wait around for a member of the helpdesk team. On the off chance that an important email gets stuck in a spam filter, users can address this and release it without delay.

The result is a double boost in productivity to users and IT support staff, who can focus on more important tasks.

Per User Pricing

As with all Fantastic Cloud Services' products, flexibility for our customers is key. Our Email Security service is priced on a per user model so you only have to pay for what you use, and if your user numbers grow or shrink, we can adjust your costs accordingly.

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