Versatile Uninterrupted Data Optimisation, or VUDO, is a new approach to looking at your data making sure it is stored, protected and managed in the most cost-effective way


As IT has become more embedded in everyday business processes the data that is used has become a raw product or currency that businesses need in order to prosper, and the IT networks that businesses run on have become the tools used to build that data. IT systems allow businesses to provide their customers with a service and data now has a value like never before.

 As the value of data and IT systems increase, how they are managed needs to evolve. VUDO can ensure that IT systems remain always on, and that data is organised in a cost effective manner.

 Traditional IT management and spending can create these issues:

  • Large investments
  • Hardware & support life cycles
  • Poor future scalability
  • Administration time

 VUDO can improve these areas of IT:

  • Small on-going costs
  • No infrastructure renewals
  • Agile IT systems to meet supply and demand
  • Managed services reduce administration time
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