Easy, Cost Effective Disaster Recovery You Control!

Disaster Recovery, regardless of if you look at it as a compliance requirement or a genuine benefit to ensuring your company can continue to operate in the event of an outage. Today’s age of Cloud Computing, Virtualisation, Technology development and great Network connectivity means Recovery & Testing of your IT systems can be automated, fast and cost effective.

Disaster Recovery is the ability to recover your IT solutions to ensure your business continues to operate due to an outage. Disaster Recovery testing is exactly that, testing your DR Plan to make sure it works and meets your needs. How companies achieve this differs greatly, some have multiple sites and replicate data from a primary site to the secondary, this could be at the server level (VM Replication), storage level (Snapshot replication) or Application level such as (SQL replication). This isn’t possible for a lot of companies but this shouldn’t stop them achieving this level of protection. Specialist DR service providers and cloud offerings means companies can provision a level of DR only large companies could once dream of but at a fraction of the cost. Here at FCS we provide DRaaS which is fast, secure, cost effective, provides automated testing and reporting all while the control is in your hands.

How does it work?

The key part of the FCS DR Service is the ability for you to invoke DR on our DR platform, no logging calls, no waiting for replies or provisioning of resources. Simply login to your DR control panel, turn on your DR servers and be back up and running in minutes.

Regardless of where your primary data resides:                  

  • Onsite, Cloud or Hybrid.
  • Physical or Virtual.

FCS can provide a DR service which meets your recovery objectives. We can replicate the servers live or utilise scheduled backup of servers to provide Instant VM’s in the case of a Disaster.

Some benefits of the FCS DR Service

  • Automated DR Testing and Reporting means you have a DR Readiness Status, can address any issues raised by the automated testing and know how long it would take you to recover in the case of a Disaster.
  • Secure: T3+ UK Data Centres, ISO27001 Certified and Secure VPN access on to your DR platform.
  • Cost Effective: Align DR and Backup solutions to reduce cost with simple pricing.

Most companies have never required to invoke DR but with the growth of Cyber-Attacks such as Ransomware or companies needing to be compliant to standards such as ISO27001 or the upcoming GDPR. Modern DR methods ensure companies not only comply and benefit from a comprehensive DR solution but at a cost which simply wasn’t possible in the past.

If you wish to know more about Disaster Recovery provided by FCS click here.

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