The true value of a backup is in the recovery. After all, a backup is no use if the data can’t be recovered when the time comes. The majority of the time however, data does not get recovered, and over the course of supply, the percentage of data that is recovered will usually be very low (typically less than 5 %).

Asigra’s Recovery License Model (RLM) recognises this fact and offers customers a fairer model of pricing. Traditional pricing methods involve paying for a backup service upfront, regardless of whether data is recovered or not. RLM however, is a performance based pricing model where customers benefit from a lower base cost, only paying the typical rate if they restore large amounts of data (more than 25 % for example).

RLM also helps to keep costs low as data grows. Because RLM is tied to the amount of data recovered by a business, customers benefit from lower prices per unit. On the other hand, a traditional capacity license model would charge more and more as data grows. This would be the case even if no data was recovered.

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